Tanning Beds & Pricing

All packages expire 1 year from date of purchase.  Pricing below includes tax.


Session Packages

Single Session$11
5 Sessions$45
10 Sessions$80
15 Sessions$105
20 Sessions$120
2 Week Unlimited$50
1 Month Unlimited$75

Minute Packages

100 Minutes$60
200 Minutes$95
300 Minutes


10 or 15 Premium Beds

Single Tan$15
100 Minutes$90
200 Minutes$150
300 Minutes$195


Sunvision 24 Lamp Tanning Bed

5 Sunvision 24 Lamp Beds

Maximum Tanning Time - 20 Minutes

The Sunvision Pro 24S has fewer lamps than its higher-end counterparts, but this does not diminish its tanning power. It has 24 very highly efficient 100 watt tanning lamps. The lamps are strategically positioned to deliver serious bronzing, so you can come out only 20 minutes later with a dark, even, and consistent head-to-toe tan.

Sundome XL 48 Stand-Up Tanning Booth

2 Sundome XL 48 Stand-Up Tanning Booths (Premium)

Maximum Tanning Time - 10 Minutes

The Sundome XL-48 is a specially designed booth shaped to place you at the center of the tanning intensity, so you are being evenly showered with bronzing, all-over tanning power. The unique design creates a chimney-like effect, to create a cool, comfortable tanning environment. Best of all, thanks to the SPEED® system tanning technology, you will enjoy the quick 10-minute no contact tanning sessions.

Solaris XLT Super-Bed



1 Solaris XLT Super-Bed (Premium)

Maximum Tanning Time - 15 Minutes

The Solaris XLT Super-Bed tanning bed is a 42 lamp, 15 minute tanning bed that offers intense tanning power with the S2 Advanced Technology system. The Solaris XLT tanning bed features Radiance system lamps for a beautiful, longer-lasting golden tan. Plus, the extreme reflection facial tanners will give you the dark, golden tan you expect from the Solaris tanning bed.

1 Harmony 20 Red Light Therapy Bed

Maximum Therapy Time - 15 Minutes

Deep penetrating red light therapy is a non-invasive, cost-effective, risk-free alternative to all sorts of skin problems and appearance issues.  

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